Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer goldfish nails

Goldfish Nails are great design to try for the summertime!! I can tell you for sure that my son loves them  :)

First, get out the colours you need.

Those colours are my suggestions as they are vibrant.

Next, you will need to do your base coat.  Hanging In The Balance is my first choice, however, Splish Splash is a close second.

After your base coats (I did 2 coats, as always) are dry, get out your dotting tools.  You will need your largest one, second smallest, and smallest. 

Close to your tips and to towards the outside, you will want to start by placing a large dot of the colour you want to start with.  Then, take the smaller dot tool and bring the dot outwards to make your fins.  Alternate colour on the next finger.

When you are done creating your fish, you'll want to leave time for them to dry (of course) before you finish them.
In the meantime, you can make their air bubbles.  Use the smaller dotting tool and just have fun with the white polish.

Hopefully, after the air bubbles are done, your fish will be dry.  If they are, you can make their eyes.  Use the smaller dotting tool with your white polish again and make your eyes.

When the whites are dry, use your smallest dotting tool and make the blacks of the eyes.

As always, don'y forget to top coat your new artwork.


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